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Welcome to Envirotech Products. Our company goal is to assist you in improving the quality of your water and the air that you breath.

Envirotech Products is one of the No. 1 retailers' in Water Purifiers & Filters, Air Purifiers as well as Space Heaters on the internet. We've been in business for over 15 years, retailing these products. We have shipped over 4 million units of these products to homes, offices and government agencies. Please look through our inventory and see the various products we have available for sale to help improve the quality of your life.

Featured Products
Omnifilter Model U25

Like to do it yourself?

OMNIFilter Model U25 is the No. 1 selling whole house water filter in the industry and its so easy to install, even YOU can do it. The filter reduces rust, sediment, chlorine, and odors in the water coming into your home. It also features an on-off bypass valve and a clear tank.
The U25 is the best-selling whole house water filter on the market today. The filter reduces rust, sediment, chlorine, and odors in the water coming into your home. It also features an on-off bypass valve, a clear tank and, like all OMNI water filters, is easy to install.

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British Berkefeld Big Berkey

Emergency and Camping Water Filters

Non-Electric, no plumbing and 99.9999% efficient portable water filters used worldwide to provide safe drinking water and prevent waterborne diseases. Provides efficient filtration for 5,200 up to 30,000 gallons of water depending on the water quality. Perfect for camping, disaster relief etc... They removes parasites and pathogenic bacteria from uncertain water sources and their long lasting filter elements will filter up to 60,000 gallons.

Reliable design uses gravity — no pumps to wear out
British Berkefeld water filters are compact, portable, and simple to operate.

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Air Purifier

Reduce Odors & Tobacco Smoke

We have products that recreate the same process that Mother Nature uses to clear the air of dust particles. These products produce activated oxygen to remove odors and break down mold, mildew and other pollutants.

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Save $$$ with Space Heaters

Low operating costs, electric plugin installation, zero combustion, zero fumes, 500 ft. space heating, reduced energy consumption, portable, safe, can be used as a night stand and lifetime washable filter. Why heat the whole house if only one room is being occupied?

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Clear Brook Water Bottle Filter

Clear Brook Portable Filter Bottles

Filter bottles for travellers and backpackers. This filter bottle is so effective, you can drink water from lakes, streams or taps. Just fill, squeeze and drink clean water. It effectively reduces 99.99% of Contaminants such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli and more.

  • ~ Reduces Lead and Heavy Metals and Chlorine
  • ~ VOC's, Bad Tastes and Odors
  • ~ Lightweight, yet rugged
  • ~ Holds 22 ounces
  • ~ Clear lexan, impact-resistant cover
  • ~ Patented no leak push valve
  • ~ Replaceable Filter provides up to 160 refills per filter
  • ~ 100% USA made

No matter where you are you can rest assured that you are drinking SAFE water with our portable solution! Use at home, office, travel, exercising, sports events, disasters, etc.

(Safe drinking water without iodine)

Have a large group? | Buy 5 get 1 Free! | Buy 2 get 10% off

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Omni Model U24 O Rings

Omni Model U24 O-Rings

We have the Omni U24 O Ring in stock. The U24 O Ring works for the following OmniFilter models. U26, U24, Omni Regular, BC1, TC3, UC2, U400, U450, U500, U600, U700, Omni Super, Omni Deluxe, Total 2 and Total Plus.

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Water Filters from Envirotech Products

Water Filters, Air Purifiers and Heaters of all sizes available for use in homes, offices, schools, camps, disaster recovery shelters, residential buildings, multi dwelling units etc.

We have various different types of Water Filters, Air Purifiers and Heaters available in different sizes, specifications and categories. We have whole house water filters, portable water filters, drinking water filters, travel water filters, reverse osmosis water filters, counter top water filters, faucet mount water filters and under sink water filters. We also have personal air purifiers for cars and neck wearing, home air purifiers and office air purifiers. These products can purify the air from tobacco or cigarette smoke and allergens generally providing more quality air in the surrounding. Finally, we have space heaters that have proven to be more energy efficient in buildings with low occupancy compared to the central heating system and can be useful in places where the heating system is faulty or not reliable. Buy a water filter, air purifier or space heater from us today and you will be happy you did. Look through our inventory and purchase on our 100% Secure Website right away or Contact Us for purchases, wholesale inquiries or more information about our products.